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Whether you are a school or a university, if you are searching for an education management system in Dehradun or Vadodara, you simply cannot miss the opportunity to use ProEMS (Pro Education Management System). The purpose of this software is to make things easier for both students and organizations

ProEMS is the best school management software in Dehradun and Vadodara due to its quality of services and commitment to making things easier for the entire organization.

Highly Effective Education Management System in Dehradun, Vadodara- ProEMS

Are you tired of trying different software, but not being able to get the results you want? Well, ProEMS is here to help. ProEMS has many features that make it the most popular choice among most educational organizations in Dehradun & Vadodara along with other cities in India.

Don’t believe us? Our portfolio and reviews from most educational organizations using our system validate our claim.

ProEMS takes pride in using the latest technical, capital, and advanced systems to the fullest extent possible. All the necessary modules are integrated effectively, and we deliver the best to our clients.

Why Organizations Love ProEMS.

ProEMS online portal incorporates numerous functionalities which makes it easy for the organizations to manage education at their premises.
Along with flexibility, security is a major reason why organizations invest their trust on this portal.

Every organization needs a system that can genuinely make education simple on its premises. There are tons of options available, but choosing the right one always proves challenging. The ProEMS system ensures the organization's needs are met efficiently and effectively.

If a portal covers all requirements in terms of simplifying education, and all with the utmost security and flexibility, it's no surprise that organizations will love it.


Highly intuitive, flexible & secure user interface is a primary reason for organizations loving the platform.

Customer Support

The customer support of this portal is available 24/7. Our team is always eager to resolve any sort of issues promptly.

Easily Customizable

This online portal can be easily customized as per the organization’s requirements and workflows.

Who can use this portal?

This portal can be effectively used by every educational organization. The portal primarily focuses on making things easy for every member concerned with the organization.

As mentioned, the primary objective of this education management system in Dehradun & Vadodara is to make matters as simple as possible for every member of the organization.

You don't need to look any further than ProEMS if you have an organization and wish to simplify education on your premises.

In India, ProEMS has become the top choice of educational organizations when selecting the school management system, due to its commitment to deliver the best and simplify education.


Checking information like student's attendance, staff information, syllabus, fees collection have never been easy for the Principal/Director. Efficiency is key and ProEMS definitely helps add time back to your day!


Be it uploading documents, or assignments or marking student attendance, staff has everything on their fingertips with this portal.


The portal allows students to access all information in one place. They can attend online classes on this portal, access study material, attempt quizzes , and much more.


Parents can track their child’s progress using this portal. The portal also provides them with a platform to interact with teachers in a seamless way. Parents are more engaged in their child's education.

We love building meaningful and useful software products

Our company mission and goal is to create something which is useful as well as intuitive and used by our users with ease.

We build modules with end user in mind and cater to all scenarios and requirements of education institutes to offer a seamless end to end solution to all their needs.

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No matter which software you use, a demo is always important! It gives you a clear idea of the services and features it comes with. In addition, you can easily figure out if it will fit your budget.

Because of this, we provide a detailed demonstration of our education management system in Vadodara & Dehradun. We believe you should know every detail about the services you are offered.

You can contact us at +91 9898205483 to inquire more about our education management system in Dehradun & Vadodara or to book your demo session. Our experts are eager to interact with you, show you the features of the portal, and answer your questions.

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